The best of two worlds

*** Legacy edition Lazers now available ***

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The Lazer is a lightweight, full-scale guitar featuring our patented headless tuning system. No need for special strings, as the Lazer uses regular ball-end strings, locking them at both ends so they really stay in tune.

Neck-through-body construction gives the Lazer exceptional sustain. The form-fit body is comfortable to play either standing or sitting, and provides full access to all 24 frets. White pearl stars are inlaid in the rosewood fingerboard.

With a combination of a single-coil pickup and a humbucker, the Lazer screams when you want it to - or gives a fat rhythm sound. A small, lightweight guitar without any compromise in playability or sound - get the best of both worlds with an Erlewine Lazer.

The Custom Lazer has a handmade body and is built to your specifications as to neck shape, fret size, pickups and color. The Lazer II uses a factory built body with the same design, materials and hardware as the Custom Lazer and comes in 4 colors.

Both Custom Lazers and Lazer II's have our custom-made neckpiece and the Wine-o-matic tuning bridge installed in our shop in Austin, where each guitar is setup for optimal playing.


  • Length: 31"
  • Scale: 25.5"
  • Weight: 5.25lb
  • Controls: Volume, Pickup Selector, Push-Pull Tone Pot
  • Tuners: Patented Wine-o-matic headless bridge system
  • Hardshell Case: 34" X 11" X 5", 7 lb
  • Pickups:
    Lazer II: Classic 59 'style humbucker in the bridge position with a push-pull tone pot coil tap and an alnico style single coil pickup in the neck position
  • Finish:
    Lazer II: Black
  • Set up for left-handed: The Lazer II is only made as shown, however we can string and set up the guitar in reverse for a left-handed player for an additional $105

The Lazer (PAT# 278,632) is developed and sold exclusively by Erlewine Guitars.

The Lazer II in black
Combination of a single-coil pickup and a humbucker
Patented headless tuning system
Patented headless tuning system

The Lazer is built to your specifications as to fret size and pickups. If you select a Legacy Edition Lazer, you also have a choice of 3 wood types (see below), or select the Original "Johnny Winter" Lazer made of mahogany. All Legacy Edition Lazers and Original Lazers have our custom-made Wine-o-matic tuning bridge. These guitars are built for you as they are ordered and include a custom case, with an approximate 6-month lead time. Contact Mark at 512-302-1225 or for more information and to place your order.

Legacy Lazer in Korina
Legacy Lazer in Quilted Mahogany
Legacy Lazer in Black Walnut
Original Lazer in Mahogany

Legacy Edition Lazer Wood Options:
In the early 1970's Mark bought some beautiful old stock korina from the wood buyer working at the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan before Gibson moved to Nashville. This is the classic 'White Mahogany' used to create the Flying V's of Albert King and Lonnie Mack fame. The same classic mahogany tone of Mark's original Lazer, made with historic old growth korina from the Kalamazoo Gibson factory, and with a classic '58 gold-toned finish.

The Tree — Quilted Mahogany
In the early 1980's Mark purchased a 15' long 38" wide, 3" thick slab of fantastic 'Quilted' Mahogany with an incredible story of its own. This huge old tree was found in the remote Chiquibul jungle in the Maya Mountains of Honduras in the early 1960's. Because of it's massive size and weight it wasn't possible to have it cut, rolled down the mountain, floated down a river, and milled into usable pieces until the late 1970's. 'Fine Woodworking' and several other magazines have written about the various furniture, artwork and instruments that have been made from it over the years. You can google 'The Tree, Quilted Mahogany' for more information on the incredible story of this one of a kind wood.

Black Walnut
In the late 1960's, Mark's cousin, Dan Erlewine, bought 160 year-old wood from a Black Walnut tree that had been cut & stacked for seasoning back in the late 30's. It is a beautiful deep brown walnut, with a lot of burl and figure. Guitars built out of this very same tree include Albert King's famous 'Lucy', a classic custom Strat for Jerry Garcia, a custom Tele for Otis Rush and several other beautiful custom guitars.

The Original Lazer
We are also offering custom Lazers in mahogany if you would like one built just like the custom Lazer Johnny Winter played. Available in Natural, White, Black or Red.